Life Coaching

What do you dream about?

Life Coaching is personal development focused on a goal. I specialize in long-term Transformational Coaching, which requires a minimum 6-8 month commitment to work on a goal. Sessions generally take place twice a month, and the intensity of the sessions is adapted to the client’s needs. In Transformational Coaching, I work with a method called Process Oriented Psychology and additionally support my clients by integrating creative visualization and  consultations with the Akashic Records.

The outline of the coaching cycle is: Diagnostic stage 2-3 sessions, Goal Setting phase 1-2 sessions and Goal Completion takes at least 8 sessions.

The Diagnostic stage is the time dedicated to gain an awareness about your long-term patterns. We extract the potential hidden inside of you. We look at your strengths, but also your weaknesses, blocks and fears. We track the subconscious beliefs systems and programs that stop you from living your full potential.

The second phase in coaching is Goal Setting. People usually come with an area to work on and improve such as intimate relationships or finding their passion. I dedicate 2 sessions to explore the coaching area and to discover what your deepest desire is.

The coaching goal is written in great detail, containing a specific goal (for example, writing a book), which then unfolds into a more detailed description (ex. what the book will be about, how you will work on the content of the book, what needs of yours must be met through writing and what important aspects of your writer’s personality have a significant impact on the content of the book). The goal also includes a description of the essence level, i.e. the ambience, in which the whole process will take place.

The Goal Realization stage is a time for setting small, regular, achievable steps towards your goal. During this phase, we work on emerging difficulties, blocks, and lack of motivation. We prepare a two-week action plan during each session, and at the next meeting we check to see what has been achieved, what has not been done, and why?

Coaching is tandem. I am with you on this journey, supporting you. I am helping you to stay focused and motivated. Together, we move you past your limitations and blocks.

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to experience my clients in their blooming process. There is nothing better than the moment a person wakes up and decides to create the life they always wanted.

I cordially invite you to the adventure of your life.