Akashic Records

Your source of truth and unconditional love


The Akashic Records, often referred to as the Cosmic Library or Intelligent Field, are a source of unconditional love, light and wisdom. In the Akashic Records, there is an energetic record of the history of the earth and of the entirety of human existence. Every thought, emotion, intention or action we experience has a specific vibration and its energetic history is registered in the Akashic Records.

We enter the Akashic Records to ask for information, tips, or advice…but in truth, the most transformational part of accessing the records is the feeling of unconditional love we experience when we contact them.

Our rational minds would like to understand exactly what the Akashic Records are. I love my logical mind and I am grateful for its questions such as: How does this cosmic database work? Where exactly is the Akashic Records field located? Are the Akashic Records our superconsciousness about which we know so little? Is this cosmic database in each of us? I ask these questions but have not yet received answers that satisfy me. I trust that the right answers will come when I am ready to understand and accept them.

Daily contact with the Akashic Records teaches me humility and acceptance. I experience miracles during Akashic Readings for myself and for my clients. I have access to detailed information about my and my clients’ lives. I am given transmissions of clear instructions concerning blockages, convictions, difficult experiences, and emotional wounds that are ready to be healed. I receive specific solutions and affirmation texts that are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

I am visibly healing hearts, souls and bodies with the Akashic Records. I am a witness of miracles, and my rational mind still does not fully embrace this experience. I am beginning to accept this process as I learn that not everything needs to be understood;  sometimes it is enough to trust the experience. I receive this gift of easy contact with the Akashic Records with gratitude.

Whenever you are ready, I will guide and accompany you in the experience of unconditional love and deep wisdom of the Akashic Records.